What can you do in Holbox without spending a fortune?

Holbox is a paradise island in the northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula. An ideal place to disconnect and relax on its crystalline beaches. The best? There are a great diversity of experiences to enjoy the island to Very affordable prices.

1. Beach walks

With clear turquoise waters wherever you look, the beaches of Holbox are the ideal place for a walk. You can find some dilapidated structures about to fall, hammocks and swings that are a few centimeters above sea level.

If you keep walking along the beach you will eventually reach the place where the lagoon connects with the ocean. You can see more native wildlife and beautiful birds, as well as enjoy the spectacular sunset view.

2. Bike rides

The best way to know the island is by bike, let yourself be surprised by unexpected places that you will find during your tour. Renting it is quite accessible, It costs between 20 and 30 pesos per hour or 150 to 200 pesos for the whole day approximately.

In it you can walk without risk to get lost in its beautiful streets surrounded by vegetation or the white sands of its beaches at low tide.

3. Know the local cuisine

While it is true that lobster pizza is typical of the island, there are other dishes at very good prices. Our recommendation? The ceviche.

Just a few blocks from the center is a peculiar place called “La Chingada" The restaurant is very relaxed with plastic tables and chairs but with an incomparable seasoning. They offer food based on local products (lots of fish and seafood) and their star dish is, of course, ceviche. The fish ceviche toast is delicious and costs around 30 pesos.

For dessert, eating a Marquesita is mandatory. They are a typical sweet of Quinatana Roo and are made of a dough similar to that of crepes, it is filled with ball cheese accompanied by Nutella, blackberry syrup or cajeta.

This gastronomic delight is sold in food carts throughout the main square at night. They cost approximately 15 pesos.

4.- Admire the murals

One of the free pleasures of the island is to take a tour in search of its many murals. Photographing the paintings, interpreting them or simply admiring them, are activities that you cannot miss.

There are more than 50 murals and in many shops or hotels they offer you a small map with the location of all of them. The tour is ideal for lovers of urban art and photography.

The initiative to paint murals began in 2014 when artists from different parts of the world were invited to capture their vision of Holbox, today, they are part of the island's charm.

5.- The 3 Islands Tour

Knowing 3 islands for an approximate price of 500 pesos, sounds quite attractive. He tour visit Isla Pájaros, Isla Pasión and Cenote Yalahau.

Passion Island is 10 minutes from Holbox, it is named for having an ideal environment for lovers; Quiet and far from civilization. There you can enjoy an incredible view of the sandbars.

In Isla Pájaros you can observe the great variety of birds that inhabit it (more than 140 species), many of them are in danger of extinction.

Yalahau is a cenote, which according to legend, has supernatural properties, they say that when they dive into its waters, people will feel much younger. You can take a dip and go up to the viewpoint to admire the beauty of the lagoon.

6.- Relax at the hotel

The house of the Alux has a privileged location, just a few meters from the beach and facing a natural lagoon that still retains a great variety of native flora and fauna.

The ideal place to relax and absorb the magic of nature, spend the day in a hammock or reading your favorite book.

One last tip, to find the best prices you have to travel in low season. Both plane tickets, hotel rates and tours will be much cheaper.