Swim with sharks: the adrenaline shot in Holbox

Holbox offers a wide portfolio of tourist activities but Can you imagine swimming with the biggest fish in the world?

The majestic Whale shark can measure up to 20 meters long And every year visit Holbox, so you will have the opportunity to swim by your side and live an incredible experience.

Sharks visit the warm Caribbean waters between May and September, but it is from June to August when the concentration is higher.

The appearance of the shark is one of the most imposing of the marine kingdom, its immense body can surpass the eleven tons. But do not worry, swimming with them does not represent danger, they are one of the most docile species on the planet.

The fish feeds on plankton, necton, macro algae and krill. Its rows of 300 and 350 teeth serve as a filter through which the plankton passes and is trapped and then ingested.

Mexico is a privileged place to swim with these sharks, since there are few countries in which something similar can be done, however, it is right in the Mexican Caribbean where you can appreciate it to the fullest.

How can you do this activity?

The collective boats leave at 7 am from the island's small pier, which is called precisely Whale Shark Pier (10 minutes walk from Hotel La Casa del Alux).

On average they are two to four hours away by boat, but it all depends on the location chosen by the Whale Shark herds that year to be.

The first boat that finds them, warns the others to gather around these magnificent creatures. On how many whale sharks can be seen per tour, the answer varies: sometimes two can be seen, but sometimes up to 10 or more.

Holbox whale shark dock

Since 2008 it was established on August 30 as the International Whale Shark Day, in order to promote knowledge of its existence and its conservation.

Do not forget that it is a threatened species so you must follow a series of rules to enjoy the activity trying not to disturb them. For example, it is not possible to touch them, the distance to stay is five meters for divers and the flash in the photos should be avoided.