The most instagrammable murals on Holbox Island

The island of Holbox is one of the most picturesque paradises in Mexico, its beauty and color make it an Eden for lovers of photography, art and social networks.

Thanks to Instagram, Holbox is recognized for its urban art. This movement began in 2014 when artists from different parts of the world were invited to express their creativity on the walls of the island, which caused great acceptance for both visitors and their inhabitants.

Holbox has hosted the International Public Art Festival (IPAF), whose objective is to create works of public art, especially focused on muralism.

Rubén Carrasco, artistic director of the IPAF commented to The Mayan Day that unlike other festivals such as the Wall Festival, of Montreal, or the Window of Miami, people go through the murals, but the hustle and bustle of the cities prevents them from stopping and observing, while in Holbox the works are better appreciated.

& #8220; The intention of the IPAF is the same as muralism: send a public message that today, thanks to technology, they vitalize and multiply around the world, in addition ... The same people spread the word and investigate them; So Holbox, even within contemporary muralism or street art (urban art), is being noted for that, for the human experience and that is something that artists who have been to dozens of festivals around the world find. & #8221; He pointed.

The town retains its white sand streets, which contrast with the classic Mayan buildings, colorful cabins and wooden houses with palm roofs, which constitute the ideal background for murals.

Some of the paintings are very realistic, others, on the contrary, are more abstract. You can see women with flamenco hairstyles, a Pinocchio fisherman, a saxophone player who throws melodies in the form of fish, men surrounded by jaguars, catrines with dolphin skeletons, among many others.

Nature conservation is very important for the island, which is why many of the illustrations highlight the native fauna of the place and the importance of protecting it.

Getting excited about these artistic expressions is simply inevitable. Each one has a story to tell and its forms, full of mastery and bright colors make you admire every detail even for hours.

We present this gallery of murals that you can not miss in Holbox and share on Instagram.