This is how you enjoy the matchless bioluminescence show in Holbox

When night falls, bioluminescence is one of the most amazing phenomena that we can admire in nature, but if you enjoy it in Holbox it is even better.

This unique phenomenon, also known as ardentía, It is the light production of certain living microorganisms due to a biochemical reaction (as in the case of fireflies) and that becomes visible at night, especially when there is no moon.

The result is magical: a radiant turquoise light that bathes the beaches of the island, Their sparkles resemble a starry night, but at sea. Sometimes it becomes so bright that you can see the fish swimming.

When to go?

Holbox is a privileged place, since you can enjoy this show almost all year. Nevertheless, It is advisable to go from March to November, when the water temperature is warmer and can be better appreciated.

Remember that bioluminescence can be seen in person but it is very difficult to capture it with a cell phone or a non-professional camera. High exposure photographic equipment is needed to photograph the luminescence of water.

How can you enjoy the show?

In Holbox there are different ways to perform this activity. Some tours offer kayaking tours, other options include full rides with sunsets and bioluminescence sighting. The cost can vary from $450 to $800 per person approximately.

"To appreciate the bioluminescence you have to go into the sea. We go kayaking from the beach during the full moon nights looking for brightness in the sea, until we get it. It is very difficult to be able to take photographs of this phenomenon due to the exposure time required in the cameras, but it is something that is not forgotten”Commented for Forbes Life Arnoldo Bernádez, tour operator owner of HolboXtreme.

Tips to enjoy this experience to the fullest

  • Bioluminescence can only be seen in complete darkness. If you do this activity on a full moon it will be almost impossible to admire the phenomenon, we always recommend checking the calendar.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and preferably long-sleeved, because, although the island's weather is warm, being wet and night, blowing the wind can make you a little cold.
  • For your peace of mind and comfort, wear water shoes or footwear that you can wet, so you will avoid thinking about what you may be treading at the bottom of the sea.